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Light and Rain - Starlette Bright

Rainbow Power!

Starlette Bright/Sailor Rainbow
17 April 1988
External Services:
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Profile | HMD | CR/Tracking Post

Her Name: Starlette Bright
Nickname: Star
Age: 14
Height: 4.3
Weight: 6 1/2
Hair Colour: short, rainbow hair like Sailor rainbow angel in ponytail.
Eye Colour: green
Skin Colour: peach
Likes: boys, colours, drawing
Hates: babies, crying.
Birthday: 23rd September
Family: Sister, Mum, Dad
Blood Type: AB
Fav. Food: Orange
Least Fav Food: Banana
Fav Subject: Japanese
Least Fav Subject: Biology
Fav Colour: Red
Hobbies: playing games, watching tv.
Aspirations: To go to Japan
Gemstone: Opal

~ Sailor Stuff~

Sailor Name: Sailor Rainbow
Zodiac and Constellation: Libra
Name of Magic Item and what it does: N/A
Henshin Item: Brooch
Henshin Phrase: Rainbow Colour Power, Make Up
Transformation Phase: Prisms spiral around her body, and as they land she glows a dark blue colour and she lands in a traditional pose, with a rain cloud behind her.
Attacks: Rainbow revive: (a rainbow coloured crystal and a wand with healing abilities), Rainbow rose wall: ( A Rose with rainbow colours is held in her hand then turns to a wall), Rainbow star wall: (a blast of stars hit the enemy and the force of the stars make a fog like wall), Rainbow colours blast: (Gemstones pour into her hands, and then attack the enemy), Rainbow fire stars: (rainbow coloured stars that explode on impact)
Her Fuku:
Tiara: gold with a pearl
Skirt: silver and white
Shirt: white/ silver shine
Gloves: white with pink ringlet thingys
Bows: rainbow
Collar: white with a rainbow/ moon
Shoes: silver with a yellow moon/ rainbow on them
Shoulder Flap: none/white with rainbow stones
Earrings: none


Her symbol: a rainbow
Phrase: ' I'm sailor rainbow, and in the name of the prism, I will sparkle!'
Guardian: A hamster named Triya


Starlette Bright/Sailor Rainbow belongs to empress_donna and is a character profile for henshin_yo.